MINDWALK is a Public Relations and an Integrated Marketing Communications Company committed to and engaged in the generation and nurturing of ideas to life, offering an ideal and enabling environment for the cross-fertilization of ideas and robbing of minds. With clear thoughts and single-minded approach, we offer strategic and unique solutions to our corporate and individual clientèle across multiple platforms. 

MINDWALK opens a new vista on the practice of Public Relations and situates itself as a one-stop solution provider with an avowed commitment to professionalism,global best practice,dignity and appropriateness in all our activities and service offerings In an era of exaggerated claims and arrogation of expertise, we offer defined pathways,foresight and a clear vision on how the aspirations and goals of our clients can be met and achieved,cutting through the maze and cluster of ideas,activities and stimulus that the average client is bombarded with.

 One of the celebrated hallmark and peculiar approach by MINDWALK in the design of tailored solution for our clientele is the recognition and incorporation of the original thoughts and innate ideas of the client into the solution package so the client is not alienated from the solution but actually part of it, hence the pay off..."OWN YOUR THOUGHTS". It is common practice to discard or disparage suggestions or ideas from the client as being vague, unprofessional or not well thought out hiding under the garb of being an expert or a thorough bred professional.

 We are conscious of the fact that the world has moved on in leaps and bounds,there have been a quantum leap in self-discovery and knowledge in all indices. Giant strides have been made in science and technology,information and communication technology,social reengineering and integration with the internet as its mascot.We shall employ and adopt the positives from these developments, especially digital and social media to provide seamless service and create infiltrating buzz for our clients taking cognizance of the peculiarity of the environment.
 Our position,presentation and postulations would be thought-provoking but we will still operate along the humility lines of acknowledging that we dont have absolute monopoly of wisdom and willing to learn and imbibe superior knowledge from others. We shall network and collaborate with like-minds and organisations as we bring value to the table and strive for greater heights in our service delivery.
MINDWALK core competence includes Branding, Brand Management Perception and Reputation Management with a bias for Crisis Management in Corporate Entities which is further strengthened by our full grasp of the dynamics of issue creation and agenda setting. We shall be empirical and research oriented in our prescriptions, drawing on Psychograpics and demographics where necessary.Our services also encompass the following: Arts and Entertainment, Music,and Events Management. 
Welcome to a profitable and rewarding experience as you embark on a journey of discovery and fresh dynamism with us.
Thank You

Lumi Igun