Change has more than ever before,become a constant.Nothing seems to stay the same any more. The timing for everything has become unpredictable;seasons,which were hitherto,the time-tested mode of timing and projections are no longer aligned to time as we have experienced it.
Natural disasters have become the order of the day, a familiar sight and occurrence everywhere,running pari passu and juxtaposed with its man-made counterpart.Shocks.
Social and cultural shocks, inconsistencies,wars,,conflicts,upheavals,antagonism, and distrust are re-occurring and dominant elements that dot the global landscape and inscribed in our minds;structural and system failures have become the norm.- dehumanisation,destruction,displacement and dislodgement,all credits to the failure of the human experiment.
Where are we headed? The Earth weeps; the world weeps;mother nature recoils and cringes.Where are we headed? Nothing is the same any more.
The dynamics of life is too fast;things are happening and moving too fast;it is impossible to comprehend and contextualize these events. Mankind is at the crossroads,grappling and struggling to make meaning and sense of it all but to no avail or is there hope? We have become convicts of natural justice and must therefore pay the price and face the backlash of our "licentious"and unbridled tinkering with the balance of nature.
It has become increasingly impossible to have Justice,Peace,and tranquillity and to make true progress on all indices of life.
Get out of your comfort zone.It is only when you get out of your comfort zone that you can release yourself and think deeply. You cannot be in comfort and be a deep thinker;You must be in denial and resist all that is sensual.
You should have a quiet time everyday. Meditate,retreat and depart into yourself( A state where the body and soul are in harmony) and get your thoughts together. Nurture and energize your mind and expand your horizon. Find inner peace,for only then will your body and soul operate at an equilibrium.
We must go to the furthest part of the world; we must go to the outskirts of the cities; we must go to the river bank and the seaside; we must go to the wilderness and the plains where there are no distractions; we must move against the wall;we must fly above to the  skies where we can have a bird's eye view and become spectators again and mirror the world from without,from a detached position.We should extricate ourselves from the muddle and haze that threatens to engulf us and review the world,actively engaging the mind and spirit and start all over again on a clean slate.May be and just may be,we can survive and forge ahead again. There is a solution in everybody but only if we go deep,reach within and find the threshold of light and knowledge. If we probe hard enough;if we question and ask hard questions of everything and all things;if we engage in soul-searching,only then can we find answers. Search,search deep for there is hope.
Contributed by Lumi Igum